'The Bachelor' Villain Corinne Olympios Plays 'Who'd You Rather?,' Declares 'I Think I'm Funny'

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Bachelor star Nick Viall typically has to make the tough choices, but on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show it was this season’s “villain” Corinne Olympios in the hot seat.

Since Bachelor fans still don’t know whether or not Corinne moves forward in the quest for Nick’s heart, Corinne was forced to remain neutral when playing a game of “Who’d You Rather?” with DeGeneres.

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The host started off easy, putting up a picture of Bachelor host Chris Harrison against actor Zac Efron. Corinne sided with Zac, but then was asked to compare him to Nick.

She also picked Nick over Ed Sheeran, saying, “Those glasses are super cute, but Nick.”

Things got significantly more challenging when Corinne had to decide between Nick and Drake. She said, “Nick,” but DeGeneres quickly declared, “You were forming a ‘d’ in your mouth! You had a ‘d’ in your mouth!”

The audience cheered at the innuendo and while DeGeneres was giving them a hard time, Corinne reversed her decision, saying, “Sorry, Nick. Drake!”

Corinne also answered some questions about her controversial time on the ABC reality competition.

“I’m funny. I think I’m funny. I actually laugh very hard at myself,” she said, but admitted, “I was a little bit more promiscuous than I thought I would look.”

When DeGeneres asked if she was drunk, Corinne replied, “There is alcoholic beverages, but I did know my limit. I never took it too far where I would black out or anything.”

As for future episodes, she added, “I think you’ll see a lot more of Corinne as the season goes on. Clothed!”

Though she’s still in the running for Nick’s heart, the Bachelor regular did not list Corinne as one of his Top 3 picks when asked by ET.

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“Danielle is someone who I’m very interested in, from the very beginning,” he told ET’s Lauren Zima. “She is very beautiful…Vanessa is also someone that I had an interest in. We have a really good chemistry.”

He also added that Rachel, who received the first impression rose, “has been a frontrunner since day one.”