Prince Harry Visits London Ambulance Service, Talks Importance of Mental Health in Demanding Field

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Prince Harry took a moment on Thursday to listen. The 32-year-old Royal visited the London Ambulance Service, where he celebrated the annual Time to Talk Awareness Day.

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The event promotes the discussion of mental health, with Harry emphasizing the importance of such conversations in a field as demanding as emergency response.

He spoke with the staff in the 999 control room (England’s equivalent of 911), with two women explaining to him, “We’re the first that people speak to in an emergency and sometimes those first few seconds stay with you forever.”

Harry acknowledged the difficulties of the employees, including first responders, saying, “What you guys have to deal with every day. You don’t know what you’re going to get. It’s strength to be able to talk about it.”

He added that if people on the front lines aren’t willing to speak up then others won’t.

“People are scared to talk about it, but they should be scared about not talking about it,” he said.

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This latest event marks another public appearance surrounding the Royals' “Heads Together” campaign promoting the importance of mental health.

For more on the initiative, watch the clip below!

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