Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People That Donald Trump Nominated Rob Kardashian as the Next Supreme Court Justice


Talk about “fake news”! Jimmy Kimmel set out to prove that anyone on the street will believe you if you’re holding a camera and microphone on Thursday. The late night host sent his staffers out on the streets of Los Angeles for a special segment of “Lie Witness News.”

As the Jimmy Kimmel Live! employees approached people on the street, they asked them for a reaction to the “news” that President Donald Trump had nominated Rob Kardashian to be the next Supreme Court justice.

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“Seven people in a row believed it!” Kimmel told his audience.

When a woman was asked what she thought about the fake nomination, she replied, “Honestly, I was a little shocked, a little taken back. But I think whatever happens, happens for a reason.”

Another man was asked what he thought qualified the reality star for the prestigious position. He answered, “He’s a people person, and he’ll keep the people’s interest at heart.”

The fake reporter then asked the man if he thought that Rob’s relationship with Blac Chyna would help improve America’s relationship with the country of China.

“I’m going to say it can’t hurt. It can help. It’s just an open door for communication. Communication is important, honest communication,” the man said.

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The Rob & Chyna star loved the segment, posting clips to his Instagram account with a laughing face emoji. His fiancée was similarly amused, sharing the video to her account as well.

Though Rob was not really nominated to be the new Supreme Court justice, he has taken on a new role recently – Dad! For more on his life with baby Dream, watch the clip below!

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