Lady Gaga Reveals Intense Preparation for the Super Bowl Halftime Show: 'The Show Is Full-On Cardio'

Lady Gaga is ready to slay the Super Bowl.

Lady Gaga is amazingly cool and confident just days before one of the biggest performances of her life.

The 30-year-old singer is gearing up to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl this Sunday, and recently sat down with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan to talk about how she's been getting ready.

"I work out a lot," Gaga said. "I also do versa-climbing while I sing, and I sing while I do it. Because the show is full on cardio, [as are] my performances most of the time. So, it's cardio while singing."

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But in many ways, the "Bad Romance" singer has been preparing for a show of this magnitude since the beginning of her career. When Strahan notes that she started out playing dive bars and now she's playing the biggest show in the world, Gaga isn't fazed.

"I would say when you play a dive bar, my philosophy is you should play it like it's [Madison Square] Garden," Gaga explains. "So, when I play the NRG stadium in Houston, I'm gonna play it like it's a dive bar."

"I'm gonna do it my way," she adds.

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ET was in Houston on Thursday when Gaga opened up about her upcoming performance at an NFL press conference, and said the show will span her "whole career."

"We went through my whole career, and chose songs both the football fans and the people that are just tuning on for the halftime show will enjoy," Gaga teased. "I don't wanna give away also how many costume changes I'll be doing ... We will be doing some very interesting and exciting stuff during the show, and I'm excited for you to see it."

"I will say it's a tremendously athletic show, and it's something we really talked about when creating the halftime experience," she added. "I mentioned that I thought it was important for us to consider, you know, high adrenaline."

Watch below: