Henry Cavill Is Sharing Ridiculously Hot (and Hilarious!) Videos From His 'Road to Recovery' Workouts

The 'Justice League' star is back in the gym and undergoing physical therapy for his knee.

Henry Cavill isn't letting a small injury get him down.

The Justice League star, who is currently undergoing physical therapy for his knee, has been sharing a series of videos from his latest workout sessions to Instagram. Not only are they hilarious, but the 33-year-old actor looks hotter than ever!

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In one of the videos, Cavill can be seen rocking out to Toby Keith's "Big 'Ol Truck" while bobbing up and down in a pool in his "#luckyhat."

"Rehabbing my knee and training for The Durrell Challenge at the same time," he captioned it. "By the end of this I think I might be ready for the first ever deep-sea marathon."

A similar clip featured the heartthrob jamming out to a country tune, flashing a smile while working out his legs.

"Another compromising video, another day on the Road To Recovery," he wrote. "#RoadToRecovery #JoggingOnMyBack."

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But his latest one was certainly the best, thanks to his sexy smirks and "Old Time Rock n Roll" being played in the background. "So close to running, just not quite there yet!" he shared. "Baby steps (slides)."

We only have one reaction to this all:

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