Henry Cavill Is Sharing Ridiculously Hot (and Hilarious!) Videos From His 'Road to Recovery' Workouts

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Henry Cavill isn't letting a small injury get him down.

The Justice League star, who is currently undergoing physical therapy for his knee, has been sharing a series of videos from his latest workout sessions to Instagram. Not only are they hilarious, but the 33-year-old actor looks hotter than ever!

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In one of the videos, Cavill can be seen rocking out to Toby Keith's "Big 'Ol Truck" while bobbing up and down in a pool in his "#luckyhat."

"Rehabbing my knee and training for The Durrell Challenge at the same time," he captioned it. "By the end of this I think I might be ready for the first ever deep-sea marathon."

A similar clip featured the heartthrob jamming out to a country tune, flashing a smile while working out his legs.

"Another compromising video, another day on the Road To Recovery," he wrote. "#RoadToRecovery #JoggingOnMyBack."

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But his latest one was certainly the best, thanks to his sexy smirks and "Old Time Rock n Roll" being played in the background. "So close to running, just not quite there yet!" he shared. "Baby steps (slides)."

We only have one reaction to this all:

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