James Corden Opens Up About Being Judged on His Looks, Teases Changes to 'The Late Late Show'

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James Corden is a true Hollywood success.

The 38-year-old host of The Late Late Show covers Esquire's March issue, in which he talks about his start in show business and how he's had huge success in creating viral clips, such as his now infamous Carpool Karaoke segments. But Corden isn't just comfortable resting in his success.

"I'm always keen to try new things visually, with openings and sketches," Corden tells the magazine about what changes to expect from his show in the coming year. "I'd like to film the show somewhere else for a week."

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"Visually better," he adds. "More ambitious. And also sillier. Those three things."


Corden, of course, wasn't always a household name. The British actor talks about studying acting as a teenager at a school in England, but quickly saw his roles limited because of his non-traditional leading man looks.

"When The History Boys became the hottest play in London, there were eight boys of a similar age, and they were all getting these massive film scripts," he recalls. "And I would get the one page of a script for a guy who drops off a television to Hugh Grant, or who works at a newsstand and sells a paper to Julianne Moore. And I was like, 'None of this is based on ability or charisma. It's only about how I look, and about the assumption that people who look like that don't fall in love in as nice a way as others. People who look like that are not as interesting.'"

So, Corden and actress Ruth Jones created their own sitcom, Gavin and Stacey, playing the title characters, who are best friends. It was a hit, and Corden continued to have success with another sitcom, The Wrong Mans. He also continued to have roles on Broadway, which is where CBS Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves happened to catch him perform in One Man, Two Guvnors, and was "captivated." The rest, as they say, is history.

Corden is now hosting the GRAMMYS this Sunday, and has clearly made his mark on late-night TV. Still, he's quick to stress that there's no truth to the rumors that he's taking over Stephen Colbert's coveted 11:30 p.m. time slot.

"It just seems sort of silly to me. I really love him," Corden said, referring to Colbert. "So, I always find it slightly embarrassing. I really don't think there's any substantial evidence at all. I really don't think it exists."


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ET spoke to Corden in October, when he admitted he found it "terrifying" to sing with Justin Timberlake for their film, Trolls.

"I spent like half a day doing singing which is always quite, you know, terrifying if you're me and it's him, but I think I got away with it," Corden said the Los Angeles premiere of the animated film. "I think it was fun. I certainly loved it."

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