Channing Tatum Is Launching His Own Vodka Line: 'I Want to Just Cause a Little Havoc'

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Channing Tatum is going into the spirits business with his new brand of vodka, called Born and Bred, and he's as excited about it as you would be if you had your own liquor.

"On the inside label, once you drink it down, or if you get your eye really close to the bottle, it says, 'Cross my heart and hope for mischief,'" Tatum told Bon Appetit. "That's just what I want when I pour myself a drink. I want to just cause a little havoc, get into some trouble, get into some safe, manageable mischief."

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The Hail, Caesar! actor sat down with the food publication for a recent one-on-one interview, in which he revealed how he got the idea to team up with the Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery to develop his own line of alcohol.

"It was me and my buddy Jack, we were just sitting around drinking one day and he was like, 'Why are all vodkas foreign and from somewhere cold? I would like an American vodka!'" Tatum recalled. "This was before Titos became what Titos is. We had no intention of jumping into the business at all. We just drank vodka. That was it. From there we went on a search. We wanted to find a good American vodka. We tried 25 or so and we really only liked about three. Grand Teton became our favorite. It just tasted better, different than any vodka that was on the top shelf. There was a smooth taste to it, like a cool feeling in your mouth. The aftertaste doesn't burn. That's the difference."

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Born and Bred is an 80-proof drink made from glacial water and Idaho potatoes. Tatum considers it an informal drink suitable for casual gatherings and impromptu situations.

"A lot of vodka brands had this vibe of backroom boys wearing tuxedos, playing poker," Tatum told the magazine. "I probably wear a tuxedo more than most 36-year-olds, but that's not my life. I can do that, but I wanted something that could live in both worlds."

Despite his success, Tatum is still a Tampa boy at heart, and he isn't taking anything for granted.

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"I'm a stripper that became an actor that I guess is working in vodka," he said. "Nothing surprises me anymore. It's all shocking. Every day I wake up and I have a pinch-yourself reality moment."