Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Test Out Their Donald Trump Impressions While Playing 'Box of Lies'

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It was the battle of the Donald Trump impressions on Thursday night whenAlec Baldwin visited The Tonight Show for a game of “Box of Lies” with host Jimmy Fallon.

The upcoming Saturday Night Live host and longtime Trump impersonator rose to the challenge when Fallon pulled out his own impression of the commander-in-chief.

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“It’s the grossest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!” Fallon deadpanned while describing his object in his Trump voice.

When it came time for Baldwin to explain his own object, he broke into his imitation, saying, “Jimmy, it’s a burrito! It’s a really big fat juicy burrito filled with bananas.”

“May I ask where this burrito is from?” Fallon asked, still using his Trump voice.

“It’s a big fat juicy banana burrito from Honduras,” Baldwin replied.

“It’s not a juicy burrito from China, is it?” Fallon questioned.

“No, no, I, myself, would not ever eat a burrito from China. And the Honduran who delivered this burrito to the studio, we had him deported,” Baldwin declared, making another jab at Trump’s recent immigration ban.

Ultimately his Trump voice wasn’t enough to convince Fallon, who caught him in the lie as he didn’t have a burrito, but rather a Chewbacca mask wearing a blonde wig.

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But Fallon and Baldwin weren’t the only ones trying out their impressions of the president. British singer Ed Sheeran also had a little fun impersonating Trump during his SNL promos.

Watch the clips above to see all of the impressions. And for more SNL antics, watch the video below!

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