Kelly Clarkson Says Her Daughter River Rose Will Be Her GRAMMY Date: 'I Wrote the Song for Her'


Get ready GRAMMYs -- River Rose is coming your way!

Kelly Clarkson adorably revealed over Facebook Live on Friday that she would be bringing her 2-year-old daughter as her date to the awards show on Sunday. Clarkson is nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance for "Piece by Piece."

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"Hey, what's up Idol fans? Kelly Clarkson here!" she began in a video message on American Idol's Facebook page. "I am so excited that I got nominated for the GRAMMY that I sang 'Piece by Piece' live on Idol, the last show, and it's such a nice bookend for me, so thank y'all so much for the support, for like, 15 years!"

"I'm so excited, I'm taking my 2-year-old, because I wrote the song for her… well, and you. That's my husband, he's standing right there," Clarkson sweetly confessed as she panned over to her hubby, Brandon Blackstock. "Alright, later!"

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While this year's GRAMMYs is sure to be fun with River Rose by her side, Clarkson recently revealed the frightening story behind her 2006 GRAMMYs: she thought she had cancer.

"Not many people know this ... but I was told that morning that I had cancerous results for something," she revealed on Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast on Tuesday. "I went the whole day crying. They redid my makeup four times because I was like, 'Wow, so young.' I was just completely freaking out. Then when I won, I thought, 'Oh, my God. This is like God giving me one more thing before something horrible happens.'"

Clarkson learned the next day that the call was a mistake, but says the experience made her first GRAMMY win.

"It's kind of unfortunate, but a lot of the moments got stolen from that mishap," she admitted. "But hey, I didn't have cancer!"

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