Rory Feek Gets Candid on Life and Love After Joey's Death in New Book

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Rory Feek
is remembering his late wife on Valentine's Day.

The "If I Needed You" singer has released a new book, This Life I Live, offering an unfiltered look at his relationship with Joey Feek, along with his own childhood and early adult years. The book, out today, comes on the heels of Joey + Rory's first-ever GRAMMY win on Sunday.

By Rory's side on the GRAMMYs red carpet was Joey's father, Jack Martin, who is also featured in the book as Rory recounts asking for permission to marry Joey. Today, Rory seems to be embracing plenty of love and support from Joey's family. He opened up to ET about how her mother was babysitting daughter Indiana, and how they would gather again this weekend to celebrate Indy's third birthday.

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Rory said that he was feeling "pretty awesome" and that the GRAMMY win was "just as sweet as it could be, considering."

In This Life I Live, Rory gets candid about Joey's final wishes near the end of her cancer battle, and how she had suggested that he could someday move on with another woman.

"Then tears filled her eyes, and she started trying to talk to me about moving on when she was gone and finding someone else," he writes. "I stopped her and said, 'No, I don't want to talk about that.'

"She said, 'It's OK, honey. You're still young. You can find someone else and fall in love again.'"

Rory admits that even now, one year after her death, he's not ready to consider that possibility.

"My tears were falling again now, and though I knew she needed to say those things, I didn't want to hear them," he continued. "Not now. Not ever."

Though Rory had been married before and was already the father to two daughters, he says that he and Joey waited until their wedding night to consummate their marriage. Since that day, he says, he has continued to remain faithful only to her.

"When we got married, I decided there would be no one else but Joey. And that meant no one else. Not in real life and not in my head," he writes. "I committed to not allowing myself to experience the greatest expression of love that a person can feel without my bride being with me. Not ever. Not once. And that was a big, big deal. She didn't ask for that. Or require it. I wanted to give it."

Rory says it was "the least I could do" for receiving the "undeserved opportunity to love a woman like Joey."

"Where do I go from here? What does the future hold when it comes to these things for me? I don't know," he muses. "All I know is that I was hers. True to her. I am still hers."

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The 51-year-old father of three also sweetly dedicates a chapter solely to daughter Indiana, who was born with Down syndrome.

"I don't know why God gave us a child with Down syndrome," he writes. "I have a feeling -- I've had it for a while now -- that Indiana is here to teach me something. To teach me everything. She's going to be different from our two older girls. And that difference is more than likely exactly what I need, so I can learn what I don't know. So I can grow in the ways that I need to grow."

He adds, "She's going to teach me what unconditional love is. What it really is. Not the version that I want it to be."

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