Kendall Jenner Turns Jimmy Fallon Into a 'Vogue' Model, Dominates Charades on 'The Tonight Show'

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Kendall Jenner is a woman of many talents! The 21-year-old supermodel recently started working behind the camera, shooting pics of Sienna Miller and Kaia Gerber for Love magazine.

“I used to just shoot my friends,” Jenner explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday. “I love capturing a moment or being very candid and just like, capturing all my friends and hanging out. I think it’s a lot more authentic to capture a photo just on film, and I have a whole folder in my phone of the photos.”

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The longtime fan of Cindy Crawford said that photographing the legendary supermodel’s daughter has been a surreal experience.

“It’s scary! I’ve shot her twice now and when I shoot her, I have like, weird flashbacks of photos of her mom. It’s crazy,” Jenner told host Jimmy Fallon.

Naturally, Fallon wanted to be photographed himself, jumping up to pose for Jenner’s film camera.

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“I’m gonna need all the help [I can get],” he quipped. “I’m gonna need retouching on this one.”

He even tried to mimic Jenner’s horse pose from Vogue magazine on top of his desk.

When Jenner promised to send the pics over once they were developed, Fallon jokingly pulled out his phone, saying, “This is an iPhone. All the kids are using it.”

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The reality star also dominated in a game of charades with Fallon as her partner. Watch the clip above to see her in action!

Jenner couldn’t stop gushing about Gerber during a recent Love interview, saying, "Listen, we’re all trying to get all our work in now before she hits the scene. When that happens we'll all go broke!"

For more on Jenner’s love for Crawford’s lookalike daughter, watch the clip below!

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