George Clooney Says He and Amal Will Avoid Traveling to Dangerous Countries While She's Pregnant

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Months before they're born, George and Amal Clooney's twins are already having a big impact on their lives.

In an interview with French outlet Paris Match on Tuesday, the 55-year-old actor opened up about expecting the twins in late spring, and admitted that he and Amal have been considerably more cautious in anticipation of their arrival.

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"How can we not be anxious when faced with this immense responsibility? To give birth to a child in this world -- nevermind two! We are very happy, very excited, but also a bit nervous, it's normal," he shared.

Something not quite normal about the couple, however, is Amal's line of work as an international human rights lawyer, which means frequently traveling to dangerous destinations. The 39-year-old attorney has even recently taken on ISIS on behalf of her client, Nadia Murad, a human trafficking survivor.

"We decided to be much more responsible, to avoid the danger. I will not go to South Sudan anymore and or the Congo [and] Amal will no longer go to Iraq and she will avoid places where she knows she is not welcome," George explained. "Before, I did not care. I would even say that there was a pretty exciting side to going where no reporter had ever been."

This isn't the first time George has shared his concerns about Amal's safety. In 2015, the Ocean's Eleven star opened up about her work in the Maldives, as she defended the country's former president, Mohamed Nasheed, who was being detained for terrorism.

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"Her co-council was just stabbed in the head a few days ago. It's a dangerous place to be right now," George said on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, noting that his wife wouldn't let him tag along on the trip. " I'm very concerned with her being there, quite honestly."

For now, the couple has been spending time in Italy, England, and the U.S., and while they have homes in each country, the actor confessed that they'll choose one as their main residence when the twins reach school age.

"We have the chance to live between three countries: Italy, America and England. But as soon as the children go to school, it will be necessary to choose where to settle," he shared. " In the meantime, we will continue to move according to our respective schedules."

"People think we're never together, but we have not been separated for more than a week," he added.

As for the babies' genders, George says despite rumors, it'll be a surprise for him and Amal when she gives birth in June.

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"I do not know where this rumor comes from that we're going to have a boy and a girl," he said. "We ourselves do not know yet and do not want to know."

George spoke more about the twins' upcoming arrival on France's Recontres de Cinema on Sunday, revealing that he and Amal are "really happy and really excited" about their new "adventure."

"We've sort of embraced it all… with arms wide open," he confessed.

See more in the video below.

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