Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Adorably Spar Over Home Decor on Instagram

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Some couples argue about finances or what to eat for dinner. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard argue about whether or not his La-Z-Boy recliner belongs in the living room.

The couple took to Instagram to air out a recent décor debate, after Shepard moved his office La-Z-Boy into the living room -- right in front of the couch.

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Shepard first documented the debacle on Tuesday, with a comfy selfie from his recliner's new home.

"My wife, in an attempt to discredit my character, will be posting a similar picture, but with the expressed intention of attacking my sense of style in home furnishings," he wrote. "The proof of this Lazyboy's aesthetic appeal is written all over my face. #getcomfy#functionbeforefashion."

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Like clockwork, Bell followed up on Wednesday with a post of her own.

"This is not a bit. @daxshepard has sincerely suggested the new home for the lazy boy from his office be in the center of my living room," Bell reported. "He made an adorable argument about how epic his TV viewing experience will be if I let him keep it there. The man has lost his mind. #chiphappens."

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Our take on the argument? While Shepard's recliner does look super comfy, its placement in the living room leaves a little less space for the couple to enjoy their favorite board game, Settlers of Catan. 

See more on the pair's love of the game in the video below.