Barack Obama Greeted by Cheering Crowd While Stepping Out in New York City

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New York City pedestrians couldn't have been more thrilled to spot former President Barack Obama on a city street.

The onetime commander in chief drew a large crowd when he stepped out of a NYC office building, sans necktie, on Friday afternoon. While heading to his motorcade, Obama, who was holding a disposable coffee cup, was met with cheers as he waved to onlookers before smoothly putting on his sunglasses and driving off.

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It's not yet known why Obama, 55, is in the city, but his oldest daughter, Malia, will reportedly start interning at the NY office of The Weinstein Company next month.

Obama's recent visit to the Big Apple comes after he and his wife, Michelle Obama, jetted off to the British Virgin Islands for a vacation following the inauguration of President Donald Trump last month. The 44th U.S. president became a viral sensation during his trip, thanks to his kite-surfing adventure and a backwards hat style statement.

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Check out the envy-worthy getaway:

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