EXCLUSIVE: Savannah Chrisley Shuts Down Chandler Parsons Romance Rumors: 'I'm Single'

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Savannah Chrisley is very, very single.

Despite reports the 19-year-old Chrisley Knows Best star is dating 28-year-old Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons, she tells ET the two are just friends.

“We’re friends,” she says. “We hang out. He’s a blast. He has the best personality. I mean, heck -- he makes [my dad] laugh, he makes me laugh. He truly is just a great friend … I’m single, having fun.”

Savannah’s dad, Todd, caught a little flack for calling the NBA star a “douchebag” after the romance rumors swirled, but he says he was just joking.

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“He’s a nice guy,” Todd admits. “It was not meant to be derogatory toward him, ‘cause he’s a super-nice guy. He’s been very respectful to our family, and we all like him very much.”

It seems Todd wouldn’t be mad at a Savannah-Chandler relationship down the road.

“I’ve never had somebody that any of my children have dated that I like!” Todd shares.

“We’re just friends,” Savannah repeats.

The reality star is only recently single. She split from her boyfriend of two years, country singer Blaire Hanks, in January. Their breakup came just days after Savannah was involved in a scary car accident, which left her with a broken vertebrae.

“I’m doing really well,” Savannah says. “I do physical therapy. I’m good. I was lucky, honestly.”

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As for the split, Savannah says she’s happy about that, too.

“That is a chapter of my life that is closed,” she confesses. “Moving forward. I’m as happy as ever. Heck, I’m young and having fun.”

Now that she’s back on the dating scene, Todd does have some advice for his daughter.

“I’ve always told my children to find someone of like-kind,” he says. “Someone they have something in common with, that comes from the same kind of background as what they come from. Today, because of their notoriety, I have to tell them, ‘Be careful with the people that are here, and the reasons they’re around you.’ ‘Cause you never know if they’re gonna use you to climb up.”

“For me, that’s just what it is,” Savannah adds. “People are gonna use you, and you have to see if for what it is. It took me a little longer to see that.”

“I just want to find someone who understands my life,” she continues, “who understands the things that I deal with, the things that I go through. And it doesn’t matter if they have a name or they don’t. You know, if they understand me, it’s great. But, [they’re] not gonna use me.”

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For more on Savannah’s accident, watch the video below.