Serena Williams Offers to Help Ciara and Russell Wilson With Their Tennis After Watching Them Play

Getty Images

Russell Wilson might be an elite quarterback, but his tennis could definitely use some work.

In a video posted by Ciara on Wednesday, the "Goodies" singer and her husband play doubles on an outdoor court -- except Wilson isn't really playing as much as watching his wife hit.

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Swaying back and forth with his shirt off, the Seahawks' fearless leader soaked up the sun on a beautiful blue-skied day as Ciara, about seven months pregnant, sends every ball sailing back over the net.

"Perfect combo," Ciara wrote in the caption.

When the post caught the eye of 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams, the tennis titan couldn't help but offer her services.

"@ciara love this!" Williams tweeted. "I'm coming by to give y'all lessons."

"@serenawilliams yes!" Ciara replied.

It's probably a safe bet that having the greatest tennis player of all time in the mix will motivate Wilson to put in a little more hustle.