Emma Watson Reveals Which Celeb Had Her Starstruck at the 'Beauty and the Beast' Premiere

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Even superstars like Emma Watson sometimes find themselves freaking out over meeting their celebrity idols.

The actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, where she opened up about getting starstruck at the red carpet premiere of her new film, Beauty and the Beast.

Watson said that she was in constant awe while meeting the stars of Disney's original animated classic, like Paige O'Hara, who voiced Belle, screenwriter Linda Woolverton and composer Alan Menken, who wrote all the original songs.

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"Then Celine Dion arrives and I’m like, holding my publicist like, ‘This is almost too much for me!’" Watson recounted. "You have to understand, my parents do not really understand like celebrities or Hollywood or whatever else, but my mom and I used to play Celine Dion in the car like non-stop."

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"Being able to tell her that I met her I was like, 'She’s gonna lose it. She’s gonna know who Celine Dion is," she added.

According to the 26-year-old British star, her parents have very little interest in the culture of Hollywood.

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"You have to understand, like, I grew up and had like, four VHS [tapes] in my house," she shared. "I don't come from a movie-watching family really. I’m the black sheep of the situation."

Watson recalled that the four movies that she watched "on rotation" were Private Benjamin, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Pretty Woman and My Best Friend's Wedding.

"Which is why Julia Roberts is Hollywood for me," she shared, adding that the Oscar winner was the first person who made her think, "It'd be so cool to be an actress."

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ET caught up with Watson at the star-studded Beauty and the Beast premiere last Thursday, where she opened up about keeping in touch with her Harry Potter co-stars.

"We actually have a group WhatsApp which invited everyone really from the main cast from Harry Potter to come to the screening," Watson revealed. "It's a case of trying to, like, get people into the right places, but yeah, everyone has been very supportive and I'm very supported by my old co-stars." Check out the video below to hear more.