Kristen Bell Jokes Dax Shepard Framed Her for Murder, Asks 'Dateline' Correspondent Keith Morrison for Help


Kristen Bell is really hoping no one searches the browser history on her cell phone.

While interviewing Dateline's Keith Morrison for the newsmagazine's 25th anniversary, The Good Place star jokingly revealed her husband, Dax Shepard, may have framed her for murder.

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"My husband is a bit of a jokester and once searched on my phone, 'How to get away with murdering my husband,'" she explained. "If he ends up dead, how much trouble do you think I'm in?"

Morrison, who has covered plenty of murder cases as NBC's true crime correspondent, told Bell it doesn't matter -- she's totally screwed now!

"Well, you're in trouble anyway for even thinking about it," he said. "If anything at all happens to him, it's your phone. It doesn't say who Googled it."

He did, however, offer Bell some interesting advice: "You do know about antifreeze, right?"

Judging from a few of Bell and Shepard's recent Instagram pics, if anyone "ends up dead," it will most likely be over home décor.

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The adorable duo shared their debate over where to place a piece of furniture -- Shepard's beloved La-Z-Boy recliner -- last month.

Hear more (and see their hilarious pics!) in the video below.

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