EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelor' Star Corinne Olympios on the New Guy She's Dating, and How He Won Her Heart

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Corinne Olympios is dating someone new, and tossing out the trash!

An acquaintance of Olympios' has claimed that she's engaged to someone who she's been dating for years. But the Bachelor star tells ET, "It's a false accusation," adding, "I am not engaged. ... He's making up all these rumors. ... Dude, you're not anything to me. We literally hung out one time. The rumors are ridiculous."

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The Florida native says she is dating someone, but she wants to keep details under wraps for now. "I'm just letting things happen," she explained. "I'm not rushing into anything. I'm really excited!"

She won't say how long she's known the person, but says he's not famous, and reveals the reason he won her over: "persistence!"

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Olympios told ET previously that a guy needs to be "on point" to date her, noting that she likes older men. The oldest age the 25-year-old would date? 36. "I would never date someone younger than me," she said. "No younger guys. I don't even like it when a guy's only a year older than me, or even a few months. I don't know why; I need to feel protected, I think. I need to feel supported, protected, secure."

"I'm kind of picky when it comes to guys," she shared. "I have to know I'm being supported. I don't like guys that make jokes all the time...there's so many different kinds of guys, and I get so irritated so easily. It's something that, it's not them, it's me. You have to be super on point to date me."

One man she did say she finds attractive? Bachelor in Paradise's Chad Johnson, who she called "cute...tell him to text me!"

ET spoke with Johnson in February about his possible return to Paradise and whether he'd be interested in Olympios -- watch the video below!