'The Bachelor' Finale: 6 Clues Nick Viall Picks Vanessa Grimaldi in the End

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Season 21 of The Bachelor comes to a close Monday night, so who will get the final rose? Host Chris Harrison is teasing that Nick Viall may end up alone in the end, but according to the finale promos, he does seemingly propose. Our money is on Viall getting down on one knee for Vanessa Grimaldi. Here's why:

1. Vanessa is Nick's type.

Raven Gates is super sweet, but Grimaldi has many characteristics Viall has told ET he prioritizes.“I’m very attracted to a strong, confident woman,” he said at the season's start. “Someone who can keep up with me, keep me on my toes, challenge me and isn't afraid to call me out on some of my BS.” Grimaldi has challenged Viall multiple times, questioning his relationship with Corinne Olympios early on and declaring her "non-negotiables" last week.

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2. They've had the 'heavy' discussions.

Grimaldi noted that she and Viall consistently have "heavy" conversations. The pair has talked about real issues and the future (where they'd live, their families and more) in ways that viewers haven't necessarily seen Viall and Gates converse. Both Viall and Grimaldi have been brought to tears multiple times throughout the season.


3. Former Bachelor Chris Soules thinks Nick picks Vanessa.

Soules and Viall are friends, and the Iowa native told ET on Friday he thinks Vanessa is the one for Viall. "I think she's going to end up with Vanessa," he said. "I know Nick well enough that if he picks anybody...I think that he'll pick Vanessa. That's the girl he's more into, for sure. I just know him well enough to know."

4. Alexis Waters thinks Nick picks Vanessa.

Um, if you don't trust Shark Girl, who do you trust?! At the show's Women Tell All taping she told ET, "He and Vanessa have really good chemistry, so I feel like they're going to end up together. It's stronger than anyone else's."


5. He kissed her after she barfed.

Remember their zero gravity date? What's true love if not kissing someone who's just vom-ed?


6 .Taylor Nolan said Nick was the most genuine with Vanessa.

If you don't trust Shark Girl, trust the mental health counselor! Nolan told ET last month, "[Nick was] incredibly sweet, incredibly attentive, he just seemed so struck by her [on their zero-gravity one-on-one]," she said. "I don't think we've seen that on any of the other dates he's had."

Well, we know one thing we can expect. Viall teased the season finale to ET as -- what else -- dramatic! The Bachelor airs Monday night on ABC. For more from Viall, watch our interview below!