'The Bachelor' Promises 'Historic' Announcement After Finale: 4 Things it Could Be

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Fans have been promised a "historic" moment on tonight's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose post-finale special. Promos are teasing it as a "Bachelor first"! So, what could creator Mike Fleiss be giving us?

Here are our theories:

1. New Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's cast members are revealed.

The typical timeline for our new season of The Bachelorette was thrown out when Lindsay was announced as the new Bachelorette in February. Usually, this announcement is made during (or after!) After the Final Rose. So, we're thinking the "Bachelor first" could be in the same vein of Lindsay's reveal: a timeline change. Usually, contestants wouldn't be revealed until the weeks before the show's May premiere. Plus, a source close to the show tells ET filming for Lindsay's season begins this week!

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2. Someone is getting married live on TV.

Hey, it could happen! Viall is on his fourth round of trying to find love on a Bachelor franchise, the guy's gotta be ready by now!


3. Someone from Bachelor Nation is pregnant.

Bachelor nation alumni Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert announced they're expecting last week, which makes us wonder if they were ensuring their baby news would be out there and have its moment (deservedly so!) before someone else's news was revealed.

4. Things change for Viall after his finale.

There's plenty of talk that Viall might end up alone at the end of Monday's finale. Viall said he wouldn't propose if it didn't feel right, but a new promo shows him saying, "I am going to ask her to marry me, and my only fear now is, what if she says no?" It's possible Viall's proposal could get rejected a third time. Perhaps the "historic" moment is that tonight, after his finale, the woman who rejects him (or another past lover!) shows up on AFR and asks for a second chance.

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Our money is on the reveal of at least some of Lindsay's contestants. To find out what she wants her pool of guys to look like, watch our interview below!