Victoria Beckham Does Last-Minute Shopping in NYC Ahead of Snowstorm

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Victoria Beckham braved a busy grocery store in preparation for New York City's major snowstorm.

The mother of four was seen at a Whole Foods picking up some water and other necessities on Monday night, and tried to keep a low profile. Keeping her sunglasses on inside the store, Beckham sported a fashionable black coat that matched her blouse.

Splash News

Meanwhile, several other stars were tweeting and Instagramming about the Northeast weather. From Katie Couric to Kevin Hart, here are a few of those posts:

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Katie Couric: "Woke up to check out the snow. Doesn't seem so bad right now but if my weather app is right... Back to bed #snowday."

Gigi Hadid: "STORM DAY."

Josh Gad: "Winter wonderland. #nycblizzard #beautyandthebeastpresstour"

Ben Stiller: “Hoping all us NYers stay warm and safe. #StellaBlizzard #snowday."

Josh Groban: "WAKE UP, IT'S A SNOW GLOBE."

Emmy Rossum: "Flew out of NY tonight just before Stella hit. One of my favorite things about living on the East Coast is weather. That said, be safe."

Kevin Hart: "Man it's all types of sh** falling from the sky. It's Hail, sleet, snow, fingernails, baby feet, peppermints....This sh** is ridiculous."

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Just last month, Beckham also braved another snowstorm during New York City Fashion Week, and yet managed to still look stylish despite the harsh weather conditions. Check it out:

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