9 Irish Phrases to Use This St. Patrick's Day -- Find Out What They Mean!

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They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but if you want to score some extra points with those who hail from the Emerald Isle, learn these phrases!

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Find out what they mean below:

1. Phrase: “Sure, it's grand.”

Decoded: It’s fine (sometimes meant with sarcasm).

2. Phrase: What’s the craic?

Decoded: What’s up? What’s going on? Also, “craic” can refer to great fun.

3. Phrase: “That’s gas.”

Decoded: Really funny.

4. Phrase: “Last night was deadly.”

Decoded: Best time of your life.

5. Phrase: “We're just going out for one.”

Decoded: We most likely be out for many.

6. Phrase: “That yoke over there."

Decoded: Literally a word in place of any item, person or thing.

7. Phrase: “Acting the maggot.”

Decoded: You’re acting, well, foolish.

8. Phrase: “Go away, will ya?”

Decoded: I don't believe it.

9. Phrase: Sláinte!

Decoded: Irish Gaelic for “Cheers.”