Kristen Bell Rages on About Dax Shepard's Troublesome La-Z-Boy, Says It's Kind of Ellen DeGeneres' Fault!


It’s all-out war in the Bell-Shepard household! Ever since Dax Shepard moved his giant La-Z-Boy chair into the middle of the couple’s living room, his wife, Kristen Bell, has not been able to let it go.

The pair had it out on Instagram in late February, and Bell also brought it up during Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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“It’s my fault. I bought it. Can you believe that? That’s my actual living room, you guys,” she told the audience, showing a picture of her husband reclining in the chair right in the center of the family room.

Though Bell took some responsibility, she also put some of the blame on DeGeneres herself.

“But also this is kind of your fault – and he pointed that out – because I actually maybe would have gone for it had I not come to your house and seen how jaw-droppingly elegant it was,” Bell told the host. “I can’t come to your house anymore. It’s bad for my marriage.”

Shepard’s chair now sits between Bell and the TV itself, making for a very inconvenient viewing experience.

“If I can just get him to turn it!” she said. “I feel like I’m in an actual movie theater in my living room. I have to shimmy behind him to go to the bathroom.”

And though the couple has this faux rift between them, they remain more committed to one another than ever, even though Bell recently came face-to-face with one of her celebrity crushes.

The Frozen 2 star interviewed Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison, whom she’s been candid about crushing on for years.

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“Look at him, that silver fox,” she said of Morrison as DeGeneres laughed.

“It was wonderful to meet him. I was very nervous and excited. He knows I have a crush on him though, so he knew what he was walking into,” Bell noted. “He said, ‘Hey my wife said something to me as I was leaving this morning.’ And I said, ‘Oh, what?’ She looked at me and said, ‘Hey! You’re nobody’s hall pass.’”

For more from Bell and Shepard, watch their exclusive ET interview below!

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