Mama June Considers Boob Job With Skin Removal Surgery on 'From Not to Hot' -- Which Bra Size Will She Choose?

Will the reality star be able to lose enough weight for surgery?

Mama June's impressive 80-pound weight loss on last week's From Not to Hot might have been a one-hit wonder. 

On this week of the WE tv show, the reality star finally reached 199 pounds -- but her stress eating might jeopardize everything.

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With 16 weeks until the wedding, Mama June's size 12 body just isn't going to cut it, according to her manager, Gina, who has made an appointment for June to meet with a plastic surgeon for skin removal surgery in Los Angeles... but only if she can get under 190 pounds.

"Even when I was at my heaviest, at 450, I never once looked at myself as being big. And now that I'm smaller, all I want to do is go ahead and get this skin off," June said to the camera. "No matter how hard I work out, nothing will get rid of this excess skin."

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While Mama June has been slowly packing on the pounds after her fight with Sugar Bear's new fiancee, Jennifer, last week, the mother of four was hopeful that the doctor would just go forward with the skin removal surgery anyway -- and a new boob job. "I think I can sweet talk the doctor into doing the surgery anyway," she said. 

"They're a little droopy. I've had four kids, and if I want to look good... I'm single," she told the camera before undressing for the surgeon. "It's been a while since I've been naked in front of a man. At least he's a good looking doctor."

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Though the doctor agreed to give June breast implants with her tummy tuck, she first had to decide on a breast size, modeling several bras for Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo -- even a 40G.

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The reality star then took her test boobs out for a spin at the ice cream shop -- and seemed to catch the eye of a man in line.

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June decides to leave her test boobs at home while getting ready for a new date, which clearly sparked an issue with her potential suitor.

"You seem to have lost a pound or two in the upper area.I don't want to spoil it for you, but guys like breasts, OK?" he rudely said before Mama June walked out.

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This week's stress clearly got to Mama June, who gained six pounds by cheating on her diet.

"What is wrong with me?" she asked, before scheduling Kenya for a last-minute workout in the hopes of shedding last minute pounds in time for the surgery.

Unfortunately, as soon as June's head is back in the game, Jennifer shows up with a box of cupcakes for Honey Boo Boo -- sending her over the edge.

"I've worked really hard on my body, and trying to get the kids to eat healthy, and you bringing in bullsh*t like this is bullsh*t. I don't want the bullsh*t brought back into my house again. I'm sorry," she yelled at Jennifer.

"DIRECTIONS? Wow. You need to get directions, June Shannon, and learn how to be a mother," Jennifer shouted back.

"You're not the mother, and you're never going to be anything to Alanna," June replied, before Jennifer delivered this blistering line:

"I'll just be the mother that you can't be."

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After a heart-to-heart with Kenya, Mama June gets back on the treadmill, but it might be too late.

With her surgery up in the air, it looks like we'll have to wait until next week for the real transformation.

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