EXCLUSIVE: Richard Simmons' Manager Slams Podcast, Says It's 'Full of Fake News'

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Missing Richard Simmons does not have Richard Simmons' blessing.

Host Dan Taberski insists the podcast is a way to reach out and help the Sweatin' to the Oldies star by getting a better understanding as to why he left the spotlight in the first place, but Simmon's rep, Michael Catalano, tells ET in an exclusive statement that Missing Richard Simmons -- which is to air its sixth episode on Tuesday -- is doing more harm than good.

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"The podcast has not revealed one bit of new information and it has given voice to unreliable sources. Everything reported here is at least a year old or more," Catalano says. "It is not only full of fake news, it's full of old news."

The fitness instructor's manager also tells ET that Simmons is aware of Taberski's podcast and does not support it. "There was nothing about this podcast that made Richard feel good as it refocused the public's attention on lies and misrepresentations," he explains. "Richard has been seriously harmed by those looking to make a name for themselves or worse, looking to cash in."

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Catalano continues, "There has been considerable damage done and at a time and platform of our own choosing, we will respond."

Last week, ET also spoke exclusively with Simmons' older brother, Lenny, about how the fitness mogul was doing since retreating from the public eye over three years ago. "I would just hope people [can] be a little bit more respectful and realize that he's worked hard and he still loves people," he said. "But he needs some time for himself."

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Reporting by Claudia Cagan.

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