Paris Jackson Reveals Which Singer Left Her Starstruck, Says Zac Efron Broke Her Young Heart

Her first official concert was 'High School Musical' Live!

Pre-teen heartbreak! Paris Jackson opened up about her first concert experience on Monday night’s Tonight Show, telling host, Jimmy Fallon, that her first real show was High School Musical Live.

“Zac Efron, like, omg,” Fallon quipped.

“He actually wasn't there. I was so bummed! He wasn't there, he was filming that movie with horses,” Jackson said.

In fact, Efron was replaced in the live tour by singer Drew Seeley who voiced the character of Troy Bolton in the first film’s songs.

“That was, like, the most depressing part about it. He wasn’t there, and I was, like, this heartbroken 10-year-old,” Jackson recalled.

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“Did [Seeley] look like Zac?” Fallon asked as the model and TV personality shook her head no.

But just because it didn’t work out with Efron doesn’t mean that Jackson didn’t get her starstruck moment.

“First time was Alice Cooper...last October he played on Halloween with Deb and Butch Walker, and I got to meet him backstage,” Jackson recalled of meeting the rocker. “I was telling him 'I love you so much. I always listened to you. I grew up, like, loving you...' and I was close to tears. I started watering up.”

“You're almost crying now! Oh my gosh,” Fallon exclaimed.

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Later in the show, Jackson and Fallon attempted a stressful game of “Egg Roulette.” Watch the clip to see who won!

For more from Michael Jackson’s daughter, watch the clip below!