Reese Witherspoon Dishes on What It's Like to Make a Movie With Oprah Winfrey: 'She'd Do the Voice!'

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And you get a coffee, and you, and you! Reese Witherspoon stopped by Conan on Tuesday night where she opened up about working on A Wrinkle in Time with Oprah Winfrey.

“She's amazing we'd spend like three hours every morning in the hair and makeup trailer and sometimes you just felt like you were in Oprah magazine,” Witherspoon said. “You couldn't believe what was happening because sometimes she'd do the voice, she'd be like, 'HELLLLOOOOO! Who wants COFFEEEEE!?' And you're like, 'Oh my god she's doing the voice!'”

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Oprah’s co-stars really valued her opinion, Witherspoon added, “It was different than being in, like, a normal hair and makeup trailer, where everybody is kind of like shooting the crap, and she'd be like, 'You know what book I really love?' and everybody gets silent. Like, pull out a pen. 'You know what the most important thing I ever learned in my life?' and everybody's like, you could hear a pin drop.”

And craft services had nothing on the former talk show host.

“She also just loves to bring everybody muffins. But not like a regular muffin, she has muffins flown in from Napa, and she doesn't just give them to two people, she gives them to the entire crewwwwww!” Witherspoon said, using the voice. “I don't care what it is Oprah gives you, you're just like, 'Oh my god! Thank you so much, oh my god, she gave us muffins! I have to Instagram the muffins!' It's so exciting, she's so nice and generous.”

The movie’s cast and crew traveled to New Zealand to film the movie for several weeks.

“None of my kids could go because they were in the middle of the school year so I just forced Mindy Kaling to be my child and I dragged her,” Witherspoon said. “I was like, 'Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna work Monday to Thursday and then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we're gonna have the most fun and we're going to squeeze the juice out of this orange.' And she was like, 'Okaaay!'”

But now that Witherspoon’s back in town, she’s learning plenty of new things about her evolving parenting style.

“I guess I'm kind of strict about stuff, but it's kinda funny once you start to have teenagers, they become more adults, and you have these kind of relationships that emerge with them,” the mother of three explained. “I just kind of communicate with them in funny ways. My daughter [Ava] said the other day, she said, 'It's like, we look like dad but we got our weirdness from you.' What!? But I'm goofy, I send them weird Snapchats of me doing old man voices and goofy teeth, that's the way we communicate.”

The Southern-born actress noted that her roots have remained strong as she’s aged.

“I never lost the Tennessee in me, and the Tennessee is like, when you get really mad, I get really Southern. If I get kinda mad, I'll give you a ‘sit to,’ which means you have to sit down and listen to everything I have to say. And then if you really make me mad, then I give you a ‘what for,’ which is a whole other thing you don't want to get involved in.”

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Her upbringing has been passed on to the next generation.

“Even my daughter said the other day, and she's born in California, but she said, 'And I gave that person a sit to and I told them what for.' It's seeping in, I'm so excited!” Witherspoon said.

For more from the Oscar winner, watch the clip below!