Dax Shepard Says Therapy Is the Key to His Marriage With Kristen Bell

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The 42-year-old actor also opened up about the pair's sex life.

Dax Shepard isn't afraid to admit that sometimes he and Kristen Bell need a little help.

During an interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday, the 42-year-old actor revealed the key to his nearly decade-long relationship with Bell: therapy.

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"We went to therapy early on to learn what our pattern of arguing was and where we needed to stop that," Shepard confessed. "It's great too, because you go to the therapist and he listens, you talk for about 30 seconds, and he's like, 'I got it.'"

"'You used to be a scumbag, right Dax? You always feel like you're in trouble? Okay, great,'" he went on, acting out the pair's therapy sessions. "'So when you phrase things like this, he thinks he's in trouble, but he's not in trouble. He doesn't deserve to feel like he's in trouble, because he's a good guy now. Alright, see you guys in a month!'"

"I think most people wait until the thing is exploding before they see a professional," he added. "So I thought maybe an ounce of prevention this go-around would be advisable."

As for the pair's sex life?

Shepard jokingly promised that it's "very, very healthy."

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ET caught up with the couple at the premiere of CHiPs in Los Angeles on Monday, where they opened up about parenting their two daughters, 3-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Delta. 

"We have a dialogue with them where there are things that are acceptable and things that are not," Bell explained. "There's no bad cop enforcing anything. ...Everything is very calm in our household."

"I don't know that anyone is laying down the law, but I'm probably more the disciplinarian," Shepard added.

See more in the video below.