Chris Pratt Jokes About Looking 'Skeletal,' Mocks Body Shamers on Instagram

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While shooting Jurassic World 2, Chris Pratt has been entertaining fans with behind-the-scenes Instagram videos detailing his action star eating habits.

In Pratt's on-going series, #WHATSMYSNACK, the 37-year-old actor has documented the many strange things he's had to eat as part of his diet to stay fit and ripped. From a baobab, banana, cacao and chia smoothie to some sliced sashimi.

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After sharing a few videos, some fans began to comment that Pratt has started to look "skeletal," after having lost "too much weight."

Pratt took to Instagram on Thursday to take on the culture of "body shaming" (and share a photo of a T-Rex skull) in a super funny message to his fans.

"So many people have said I look too thin in my recent episodes of #WHATSMYSNACK. Some have gone as far as to say I look 'skeletal,'" Pratt wrote in the caption. "Well, just because I am a male doesn't mean I'm impervious to your whispers. Body shaming hurts."

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"So to prove my security in the way I look I'm posting a current selfie of me at what I consider a very healthy weight. 500lbs. Zero percent body fat," he continued. "Totally JK guys. This is a T Rex skull. Nailed you so bad. Omg."

Pratt has undergone a massive body transformation since his days on Parks and Recreation, where he played the lovable, pudgy Andy Dwyer. After gaining and losing weight over and over -- first for Moneyball and then for Zero Dark Thirty -- Pratt signed on to star in Guardians of the Galaxy. He slimmed down and bulked up quickly, and has stayed ripped for his starring roles in Jurassic World, The Magnificent Seven and Passengers.

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In 2015, the action star opened up to Men's Health U.K. where he got candid about how losing weight has had an impact on his health, sharing, "I was impotent, fatigued, emotionally depressed. I had real health issues that were affecting me in a major way. It's bad for your heart, your skin, your system, your spirit." Check out the video below to hear more.

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