Jake Gyllenhaal FaceTimes Ryan Reynolds While He's 'Pushing Baby Strollers' to Prove They're Friends

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Seth Meyers put Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds’ new bromance to the test on Thursday night’s Late Night.

The host questioned whether or not the Life co-stars were actually real-life pals, to which, Gyllenhaal replied, “Is it because of my stone-cold heart? What is it?”

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The actor went on to explain that they hadn’t really connected until filming Life together, but added, “He’s just a great dude.”

Meyers still seemed skeptical about the status of Gyllenhaal and Reynolds’ friendship, daring the actor to try calling the Deadpool star.

“I’m hoping my mom does the best Ryan Reynolds impersonation right now,” Gyllenhaal quipped. Then when he was challenged to FaceTime, he continued, “Oh my god, please answer. Or don’t if you’re taking a bath or something.”

After two failed attempts, Gyllenhaal put his phone away. But during the commercial break while Meyers was fixing a microphone issue, Reynolds called back.

The proud Gyllenhaal held up the FaceTime for the audience to see before mic-dropping the phone.

“Wait, Ryan! Hold on!” Gyllenhaal shouted, scrambling for the phone.

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The father of two then told the crowd, “Here’s what I’m doing – pushing baby strollers,” showing off his stroller.

“Dude, we’ve got to go because I’m going to go do a show,” Gyllenhaal told his pal.

“Yeah, I’ve got to go get my lips done,” Reynolds joked.

Watch the clip now to see the whole thing play out.

And for more on the new bromance, watch the clip below!

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