'Grace and Frankie' Stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Talk Sex on 'Today,' Totally Embarrass Savannah Guthrie

The hilarious duo of the popular Netflix series had no shame opening up about their characters' sex toy empire.

Jane Fonda definitely knows how to make others blush!

The Grace and Frankie star was a guest on TODAY Friday, where she and her co-star, Lily Tomlin, had no problem explaining the sex toy empire their characters start up in the all-new third season of their hit series, steaming now on Netflix. While the two were pros at keeping a straight face while chatting about vibrators, Savannah Guthrie couldn't keep her cool, turning beet red in the face.

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"Now normally, this would be the section of the interview where I say, 'What is the premise of season three? What is this new business venture?'" Guthrie explained. "But I can't think of a PG way to describe what you're selling. It's a morning show! Kids are eating their cereal right now."

Despite the warning, that didn't stop Fonda from diving deep into the sex talk.

"They've probably gone to school already and at the end of season two, someone gives us presents and my present is a vibrator," she said. "Grace has never used a vibrator before and she ends up with carpal tunnel syndrome. And our families make fun of us, and we say we're going to go into business, and the business we go into is making vibrators for older women."

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"But the problem is, you see, Grace is a real business woman," Fonda continued. "[Frankie] can't even add up her checkbook. And she's into vaginal lubrication, which she makes out of yams, which I had thought was jam and put on my toast, but anyway, she keeps raising the wrong subject because I want to push with the vibrators."

But the conversation didn't stop there. Fonda then described the type of vibrators Grace and Frankie eventually sell, telling Guthrie and co-host Carson Daly that "the on and off buttons glow in the dark...the tip of it moves easy so you don't have to wreck your wrist" and they're "good for your neck...and back pain."

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ET caught up with Fonda, 79, and Tomlin, 77, at a special season three screening of Grace and Frankie at the ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where they revealed their secrets to staying youthful.

"You have to be in bed by 8, no martinis," Tomlin joked to ET's Leanne Aguilera.

Fonda chimed in, saying, "I don't know about the no martinis, but I get about eight or nine hours of sleep a night."

Last month, things were just as awkward on TODAY when Maria Shriver interviewed Lena Dunham about her final season of Girls. When the two started talking about Dunham's popular HBO series, the 30-year-old actress bluntly asked Shriver, "You saw a penis, right?"

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"Well, I saw more than that," she replied, clearly embarrassed. "You caught me there for a second. I'm not sure if you're allowed to say that on television."

Hear more highlights from that hilarious interview in the video below!