Milo Ventimiglia Explains Why He Quit Instagram in 2013

He's always had an interest in photography.

Don’t expect any sexy mirror selfies from Milo Ventimiglia anytime soon! The hunky This Is Us star recently explained to the Associated Press why he chose to stop posting on his Instagram account.

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"Instagram started as a place, a collective group of photographers and artists, to just kind of share their work and their lives. And at a certain point, after doing it for three years, I saw it change,” the actor explained. “Nobody was looking at the photos, they were asking me about my acting jobs, and I kind of went, 'Oh man.'"

Ventimiglia explained that he had first gotten into Instagram because he had an interest in photography, adding, “Since I was a kid, I had a camera in my hand from vacations to family stuff. I always was shooting… It felt like it had lost what I had grown to love about it as a photographer and I just randomly stopped.”

He stopped sharing on the social site in 2013 with a final post captioned, “Finito.” He also has no plans to return to the social media platform.

"I don't need to open it back up to promote the work. I felt like an artist who had a series and he just finished," he explained.

And though he’s done with Instagram, Ventimiglia’s fans can find him on Twitter.

ET recently caught up
with Ventimiglia and his This Is Us co-star, Mandy Moore, following the season finale of their hit family drama.

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Moore couldn’t help but gush about her on-screen love, saying, "He's such a special guy, it's really not hard to have to just love him. I feel very safe. I feel very, like, protected with him."

For more from the interview, watch the clip below!