Drew Barrymore Thought She Got High Off Fake Weed While on Set, Recalls Prop Expert

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Drew Barrymore might have been smoking fake weed while shooting the 2010 film Going the Distance, but apparently it felt pretty real to her.

“There was a scene with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long where they smoke out of a bong, and it was kind of a mixed experience,” prop specialist Jeff Butcher tells Refinery29.

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Butcher says for scenes such as this, he gets a "herb that looks like weed but doesn’t get you high."

"I spent like an hour smoking this bong to try and make it look like a bong that had been smoked in before," he recalls. "And then, you know, we did the scene and Drew thought that she was high and the directors thought that she was high!"

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While Butcher insists that Barrymore was smoking fake weed, he doesn't discount that she may have felt buzzed. “I really don’t know, I mean I smoked the stuff for an hour and it had no effect on me, you know, other than I guess I felt a little bit dizzy," he adds. "Smoking anything for an hour will make you feel a little bit dizzy.”

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