Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Loves' Raising Teenage Kids Dylan and Carys: 'It's All So Exciting to Me'

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Most parents dread raising their children through the teenage years, but Catherine Zeta-Jones couldn't be more excited.

During a Thursday appearance on the Today show, the Feud star opened up about her two kids with Michael Douglas,16-year-old Dylan and 13-year-old Carys, and shared her positive outlook on parenting.

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"I love it, Matt. I love it," she told Matt Lauer. "And I'm still waiting for.. I kind of preempted the roll-your-eyes teenage years. I love it. I just love the kind of freshness of the... it's all so exciting to me."

"I was working when I was my son's age. I was in the theater, and I look at him, and I go, 'Wow, I was working when I was your age,'" she added. "So I'm just enjoying this time, learning a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't know."

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Zeta-Jones may be learning from her children, but they're learning a lot from her too. Earlier this month, she revealed that Dylan and Carys have expressed an interest in following their famous parents into show business!

"You know it's going to be hard for them because they've got their grandfather, Kirk [Douglas], they've got me, they have Michael, but they so inherently love it and they're good!" she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "They go to summer camp every year, they do, like, three musicals and straight plays, and they love it."

"I've had a wonderful life in this business, so if they want to do it, they know the hardships and the percentages of who makes it and who doesn't, so I just think that they've got the talent and I know that they have the drive," she said.

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