EXCLUSIVE: Chris Zylka Gushes About His Perfect 'Soulmate' Paris Hilton: 'I'm the Happiest I Have Ever Been'


The Leftovers
star Chris Zylka has fallen head over heels for his “soulmate” Paris Hilton!

The 31-year-old actor couldn’t stop gushing about the reality star and socialite when ET’s Leanne Aguilera caught up with him at The Leftovers’ season three junket in Beverly Hills, California.

EXCLUSIVE: Paris Hilton Gushes About ‘Amazing’ New Boyfriend Chris Zylka

“I am the happiest I have ever been,” said the actor, adorably smiling and blushing at the mention of Hilton. “I've found my soulmate.”<p>Zylka went on to note that, despite the world constantly seeing the glamorous side of the 36-year-old heiress, at home "she’s a tomboy" who simply makes his life better.

“She's just perfect, wonderful, every single day," he said. "It's nice when you wake up in the morning and every single day gets better with an individual. Finding your actual other half. There's not anything that we don’t have in common.”

Hilton is just as smitten with her new beau, taking to Instagram to share a black-and-white snap declaring her love for Zylka.

“He has the most adorable eyes you could ever fall for & the cutest smile that takes your breath away,” she wrote alongside the pic of the pair about to share a kiss. “He has the ability to make you smile every time he speaks & whenever you look into his eyes it's so hard to turn away.... ????.”

She then followed up with an image of Zylka, captioned, “My #MCM now & forever ?.”

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revealed the romance with a cute photo of the couple captioned, “My #Valentine ?,” on Instagram in February. She previously described her new love as her “best friend,” telling ET, "He's amazing, beautiful, sweet, loyal.”

With season three of The Leftovers kicking off on HBO on April 16, Zylka shared how Hilton had binge-watched the first two seasons and “can’t wait” for new episodes.

The coming season sees Zylka getting to work more with his fellow cast members, including Justin Theroux, after having his character, Tommy, separated from his family for most of the series.

“It was wonderful,” Zylka said. “To get to actually be in scenes with my castmates, that was number one, but something that was really lovely was just the evolution of Tommy into season three. It was my first time acting with Justin or being with the family, so it was so organic. The entire three seasons come together for him in a really wonderful way.”

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Coming episodes also feature a birthday party for Tommy, which was ironically filmed on Zylka’s actual 31st birthday last May.

“It was nice for me because people were like, 'Aww, that sucks that you have to work on your birthday!'” he recalled. “And it was like I would rather be nowhere else on my birthday than shooting this wonderful show.”

See Hilton talk about her new love in the video below.

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