Harrison Ford 'Very Happy' He Won't Be Fined or Lose Pilot's License After Botched Airplane Landing

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Harrison Ford is said to be “very happy” after escaping punishment for landing his plane in the wrong spot at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, in February.

ET can confirm that the 74-year-old actor was told by the Federal Aviation Administration that an investigation into the Feb. 13 incident has been closed and he will not be fined or lose his license.

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“They conducted a full investigation into the matter,” Ford’s lawyer, Stephen Hofer, tells ET. “They interviewed Mr. Ford, they looked at all of the audio and video and computer evidence regarding the landing. After reviewing all of that they determined that no administrative or enforcement action was warranted. He retains his pilot certificate without any restrictions.”

Hofer added that Ford was thrilled about the news.

“He has been advised and is very happy about it,” he said.

The investigation was launched after Ford flew over an American Airlines 737, which had 110 passengers on board, then landed on a taxiway instead of the runway.

"Air traffic controllers cleared the pilot of a single-engine Aviat Husky to land on Runway 20L at John Wayne Airport Monday afternoon,” a FAA spokesperson explained to ET following the blunder. “The pilot correctly read back the clearance. The pilot then landed on a taxiway that runs parallel to the runway, overflying a Boeing 737 that was holding short of the runway."

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TheStar Wars: The Force Awakens star was seen days later, piloting his Cessna Citation 680 jet in Santa Monica, California.

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