EXCLUSIVE: Jamie-Lynn Sigler on the Best Thing About Motherhood, Wanting More Kids, and Her Battle With MS

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler
and her little boy, Beau, came out to support the launch of Haylie Duff's new children's collection, Little Moon Society, in Los Angeles on Sunday, and the actress opened up about her own unique experience with motherhood.

"My favorite thing about being a mom [is how] he just says how he feels," Sigler told ET's Carly Steel. "Just the hugs and the I love you's that come out of nowhere. There's nothing better."

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Sigler and her husband, Cutter Dykstra, celebrated their little man's third birthday back in August, and she says they are now entertaining the idea of welcoming more kids in the future.

"We love being parents, so we're definitely talking about and hoping to expand our family eventually," she shared.

As the former Sopranos star navigates the waters of parenthood, she says she's developed close friendships with other celebrity moms -- including Duff and Joanna Swisher -- who were all pregnant around the same time, "So it's really been special to go through that together," she said.

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However, when it comes right down to it, Sigler says she's discovered that motherhood seems to be the same, no matter what world you come from.

"Honestly, I found no difference between celebrity moms and non-celebrity moms," she noted. "We all face the same issues. There's no easier way to do mommyhood, you know? It's rough, it's amazing, it's every adjective you can think of."

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However, being a mom isn't the only challenge on Sigler's plate. The actress has been battling multiple sclerosis for the past 15 years, and finally went public with her health struggle in January 2016.

"Sharing my experiences with living with MS has helped me tremendously," Sigler said, adding that she's felt so much better since "lifting the burden of living with this secret."

"Now, being able to be in touch with other people that are living with this disease, I don't feel so alone," she added. "I think it's really been beneficial in so many ways."

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Sigler also says that she hopes she can use her battle to teach her son some important lessons about "living honestly and truthfully," and to show him that "no matter what obstacles you may have in life, you know you're still deserving of opportunity and love."

"So I try and find as much positive as much as I can with my unfortunate experiences with it," she said.

For more on Sigler's "liberating" decision to go public with her MS diagnosis, watch the video below.