Amy Schumer Gushes Over Boyfriend Ben Hanisch, But Admits She Needs 'a Lot of Alone Time'


Amy Schumer doesn't miss being single, "not ever."

The 35-year-old comedian gushes over boyfriend Ben Hanisch in an interview with Jessica Seinfeld for the May issue of InStyle, and jokingly reveals what first attracted her to the furniture designer. "His penis," she quips before, in all seriousness, adding, "I could see he was kind in a real way. Some guys, they can put up a kind front, and then you find out that they’re sexual deviants."

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Seinfeld, the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Schumer's friend, adds that she likes how Hanisch "is not competing" with Schumer and how much he appreciates her. "It’s true. And I’ve had a lot of competing, you know? Or just people who due to their own insecurity need you to be smaller," Schumer explains. "I feel like I can shine with him and also be nothing and we’re good."

The Trainwreck star adds, "We’ve been together for almost a year and a half, but lately I’ll whisper in his ear, 'I’m falling for you.' And he’s just like, 'We’ve been together for a while.'"

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While Schumer has no desire to return to the single life, she does admit, "I need a lot of alone time. Right now I’m getting my period, and I just don’t like him, you know? My PMS is no joke."

She says Hanisch knows exactly what to do during this time of the month. "Tonight’s vibe is 'I don’t want you to even look at me or talk to me,' and he will put on his headphones, do work on his computer, and I’m just in the room," she jokes. "He’s understanding. He’s too good about it. It actually annoys me."

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In an exclusive interview with ET, Schumer confessed that Hanisch isn't necessarily her usual type. "I usually would go for narcissists who, you know, could never be happy," she shared. "[Ben's] just very supportive and loving and I think we're very proud of each other."

Last month, Hanisch showed just how supportive of a boyfriend he can be when he posted a photo of Schumer to Instagram, praising her new stand-up special on Netflix. Check out his sweet message:

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