Kate Hudson Says Oprah Winfrey Is Her Inspiration When It Comes to Body Positivity

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Kate Hudson is inspired by Oprah Winfrey.

The 37-year-old actress brings up the former talk show host while chatting with Vogue magazine about health and fitness.

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When asked to name a woman who inspires body positivity, Hudson notes 63-year-old Winfrey as the "obvious answer."

"I just think she is forever, that woman," Hudson explains. "You want to do the healthy thing, but you know what? Women fluctuate. We give birth to children and carry them and breastfeed them, some of us. We are busy and we’re trying to work."

Hudson also points out the weight-loss challenges that women face, as opposed to men.

"Women's bodies are very different than male bodies; the way that we store fat is different, and the way that we lose fat is different," she shares. "We're always trying to keep up—and then some of us give up, which is what we don’t want to do."

The mother of two, who admits that her weight fluctuates at times, typically chronicles her intense workout sessions on Instagram.

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While Hudson likes to mix up her fitness routine, she does have a favorite exercise practice.

"Pilates is my thing," she confesses to Vogue. "When I get on a Pilates machine, my body responds to it in a way that makes sense. It's such a core-based workout, it's almost like you're working from the inside-out, instead of the outside-in."

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