Kate Upton Busts a Move in Dance Battle Against Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'


With three Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers until her belt (or bikini, rather), Kate Upton’s clearly got the look! But on Thursday night she also proved that she’s also got some sick moves during a Dance Battle on The Tonight Show.

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In the funny segment, the supermodel was given several different “moves” that she had to invent.

She masterfully tackled “Shoulders With a Mind of Their Own” and “Walking Into a Spiderweb,” while host, Jimmy Fallon, got a workout doing “The Elliptical.”

When Fallon was prompted to do “The Hashtag Dance,” he brought Upton and Hashtag the Panda out to do the crazy number.

The sketch was part of Fallon’s special week in Orlando, Florida to commemorate his new Universal Studios ride “Race Through New York,” which made Upton a natural guest.

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“I grew up in Melbourne, Florida, which is just, like, 40 minutes away,” Upton revealed, adding that she’s obsessed with theme parks. “Islands of Adventures is my favorite!”

For a behind-the-scenes look at Fallon’s new ride, watch ET’s exclusive sneak peek!

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