EXCLUSIVE: Vin Diesel's Adorable Daughter Is the 'Most Excited Kid in the World' at 'GOTG 2' Premiere

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He is Groot, but it’s Vin Diesel’s two eldest kids, Hania and Vincent, who feel like the lucky ones! The precious kiddos accompanied their famous dad to the premiere of his upcoming Marvel flick Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Wednesday night.

Though Vin is one of the film’s stars, voicing the tree Groot and now Baby Groot, Hania and Vincent stole the show when talking to ET’s Cameron Mathison.

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“I’m probably the most excited kid in the world right now!” Hania gushed about attending the premiere.

“This is a lifetime experience for me,” her younger brother agreed.

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Vin was thrilled by his kids’ responses, and noted that this is one of the first films he’s made that the youngsters are able to watch.

“The only movie that I made, except for Pacifier, which they weren't born yet,” he explained. “But it's the only movie that I made that they can actually come to.”

The two kids added that their dad does the Baby Groot voice at home, and he happily obliged, declaring, “I am Groot” for the ET cameras.

So does the fan-favorite character have a chance at his own spin-off?

“What do you think guys?!” Vin asked his kids. “A Groot, a Groot spin-off? What do you think? I know James Gunn wants to do it! Right?”

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When pressed a little further about whether director James Gunn actually wanted a Groot film, Vin got quiet, but we can dream!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
hits theaters May 5.

For more from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere, watch the clip below!

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