Armie Hammer Used to Sell 'Playboys' and Lotion in Middle School: 'I Was Just an Entrepreneur!'

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Armie Hammer has quite the bad boy past! The 30-year-old actor admitted to some middle school delinquency on his part during an appearance The Late Late Show on Thursday night.

Turns out, Hammer started a “business” of sorts where he would sell copies of Playboy along with small bottles of hotel lotion to the boys in his school.

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“It sounds so much worse when you say it out loud!” he insisted to host James Corden. “In my head it wasn't that bad, I was just an entrepreneur.”

But Hammer’s business was short-lived after one of his first customers turned him into the school’s administration.

“I get called into the principal's office and they're like, 'We hear that you're selling Playboy magazines,' and I was like, 'I have no idea what you're talking about,' and they're like, 'No, no we heard this and we want to go look in your locker right now,' and I was like, 'Fine let's go look in my locker,'” he recalled.

Fortunately, he was prepared for the impromptu search.

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“What they didn't know is that I had a weird feeling something like this would happen so I stuffed them in a bunch of plastics bags and tied them up and stuffed them in the bushes in front of the McDonalds that was right by our school on Santa Monica Boulevard,” Hammer recalled. “So they open my locker and there's obviously no Playboys in there but there was a bunch of little cans of lotion so they were like, 'What’s the lotion for?' and I was like, 'I get dry hands thank you very much.'”

For more from Hammer, watch the clip below!

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