Katherine Jackson Dismisses Restraining Order Case Against Nephew Trent

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Katherine Jackson seems to have had a change of heart.

The Jackson matriarch filed a request to dismiss her restraining order case against her nephew, Trent Jackson, on Tuesday, the day her trial against Trent was supposed to begin.

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Katherine filed a request to dismiss the case without prejudice, however, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Rolf Michael Treu granted the dismissal with prejudice, preventing her from filing the restraining order again with the same evidence and allegations in the future. The judge did note that future conduct can be litigated.

Katherine's new lawyers, Nelson J. Handy and Vatche Zetjian, explained that Katherine didn't understand the extent of the action brought about by the case when she initially filed the temporary restraining order request in February, and said that she was not prepared for a trial, or having to testify in court.

At the time of her initial filing, Katherine alleged that Trent, who was employed as her driver, screened all her phone calls, refused to allow her privacy during visits and calls, and obtained information on her bank accounts by "conning" bank employees into believing that he was her authorized representative. She later claimed that Trent was spying on her with hidden cameras, and that she was "afraid" in her own home. 

Two of Katherine's children, 62-year-old Jermaine Jackson and 66-year-old Rebbie Jackson, also filed declarations in March, backing up their mother's allegations of elder abuse.

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Trent, who lived in Katherine's Calabasas, California, home, insisted in a February appearance on Crime Stories With Nancy Grace that his aunt's claims were "not true." In March, Trent's attorney, Ron Rale, told ET that he was not abusive to Katherine "in any way," and that he had since vacated her guest house.

Rale, who also brought in criminal defense lawyer Philip Cohen, said in court on Tuesday that he and Trent were "happy" Katherine decided to drop the "baseless" case.

"He's got to rebuild his life. At least this thing is behind him. He's a good guy and he'll figure it out. He's a big teddy bear. He's a good, gentle guy," Rale said, adding that as far as he knows, Trent has a "good relationship with the grandkids [Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson." "He's truly hurt by this. He genuinely misses his aunt. This was a guy who was hired by Michael. He took care of his mom since 2004."

Reporting by Tracie de la Rosa.

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