Amy Schumer Shares How Goldie Hawn Didn't Recognize Her After a Flight Together!

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Amy Schumer remembers how she tried to pitch Goldie Hawn the part of her mom in their new film, Snatched, as the pair got off a flight together -- but the iconic actress didn’t recognize her!

During a joint interview on Monday's Today, the Trainwreck star recalled how she noticed Hawn on her plane and decided to take the plunge and approach her after they disembarked.

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“I left her alone during the flight,” Schumer shared. “We never met… I waited until we got off the plane, then I went up and harassed her. I was just like, ‘I really want you to play my mom in this movie,’ and she was like, ‘OK, honey.’”

Hawn, who eventually took the role,
insisted that she still feels terrible that she didn’t recognize the comedian at the airport.

“You get your bag and you’re doing your thing and Amy came up and she was just sweet and adorable and all of it [but] I hadn’t seen the show,” the 71-year-old star said. “I feel bad every time I hear this story.”

“Girl, it’s all good -- we made the movie!” Schumer responded.

During the interview, Schumer was baffled when Hawn declared that Schumer was funnier than her. “I can’t even respond to that,” the 35-year-old star said. “I’m thinner than you. That’s it!”

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While Today co-host Savannah Guthrie warned Schumer to “stay classy” during the morning show appearance, the funny girl couldn’t help but make a dirty joke after Hawn said she didn’t have any motherly advice for her.

"What advice do you give somebody?" Schumer replied. "'Keep your feet in a bucket.' That's what my mom said. Because you can't open your legs...if they're in a bucket.'"

Snatched opens in theaters on May 12.

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