EXCLUSIVE: Blake Shelton Teases Whether He'll Record Another Duet With Girlfriend Gwen Stefani

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Could Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani be making more music together?

The country star didn't rule it out in an interview with ET on Monday night.

"Man, I hope so!" he said, responding to whether the "Go Ahead and Break My Heart" collaborators would be getting back in the studio together.

The real-life couple's first duet, which they also wrote together, was featured on Shelton's 2016 album, If I'm Honest. Now, Shelton hints that he's already working on a follow-up -- just after he was announced as a performer on the upcoming CMT Music Awards in June.

"The last album I made, I said that was my last," he said. "This album that I'm making is probably going to be my last album, and so I really got to decide what I want to do."

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We wouldn't put too much stock in that claim, since Shelton has long cracked jokes about ending his career in music. But this time, he took it one step further.

"This will probably be my last season of the show, too," he quipped. "I don't do entertainment anymore, kids. I'm sorry!"

"Phew, thank goodness!" Alicia Keys jumped in, teasing her co-star.

"I could see you not doing entertainment though," she mused, imagining Shelton living simply off the land. "Just kind of, you know, getting up early and weeding and hoeing or whatever else."

"'Hoeing' means something different in Oklahoma," Shelton deadpanned. "That's when you go to the bar."

The Voice's Top 10 will be revealed on Tuesday night's broadcast, along with a special performance from Stefani. Shelton revealed that the "Misery" singer is on the mend after suffering a ruptured eardrum last week. For the latest on her condition, watch the full video above.

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