Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Adorably Reenact 'Spider-Man' Kiss on 'Lip Sync Battle' -- Watch!


So that's what Chrissy Teigen's Spidey costume was for! 

The 31-year-old model rocks the blue-and-red outfit as she pulls off Spider-Man's iconic upside down kiss on Sunday's episode of Lip Sync Battle.

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In a new promo for the episode -- featuring Zendaya and Tom Holland from Spider-Man: Homecoming -- Teigen drops from the sky in a Spidey costume, as her husband, John Legend, approaches for a steamy kiss.

"I just wanted to see if it's possible that I live out one of my biggest fantasies," the model jokes as host LL Cool J removes her mask.

"Yes, I do my own stunts," Teigen wrote alongside the preview on Twitter on Sunday.

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The cute couple definitely hasn't lost their spark since tying the knot in 2013. See the pair's sexy pre-Met Gala activities in the video below.