EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Hunnam Opens Up About Keeping the Romance in His 10-Year Relationship 'Consistent'

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Consistency is key in longterm relationships! At least, according to Charlie Hunnam. The King Arthur: Legend of the Sword star, 37, opened up to ET’s Carly Steel at Monday’s premiere of his upcoming film about keeping his 10-year romance with girlfriend, Morgana McNelis, alive.

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“I subscribe to, like, not, like, necessarily giving a big Christmas present, Christmas or big birthday present or doing any giant outlandish romantic gestures,” Hunnam explained to ET. “I try to keep it consistent like small amount of romance all the time, that's my strategy.”

So what does a “small amount” of romance from the Sons of Anarchy star entail?

“You know, like cooking, going out, buying favorite groceries and cooking the meal that my lady likes,” he said. “I’m an excellent cook.”

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What creations does Chef Hunnam like to whip up to spoil his longtime love?

“If I’m cooking for my girlfriend, she loves pasta so I normally, if I’m going to spoil her, I'll go out and make some pasta,” he said. “We were just in Thailand recently and I took a Thai cooking course, so I’ve been trying my hand at some Thai dishes recently.”

Hunnam also noted that McNelis doesn’t weigh in on his red carpet ensembles very often.

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“She hates being on the red carpet and all of that so we don’t do any of that stuff together, so it doesn't really matter ‘cause we’re not photographed together,” he noted.

The couple’s relationship recently survived a tough test when Hunnam went method while preparing for his role in Lost City of Z. For more on their struggle, watch the clip below!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
hits theaters on May 12.

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