EXCLUSIVE: James Corden Dishes on Harry Styles' 'Late Late Show' Residency, Katy Perry's 'Carpool Karaoke'

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Harry Styles is moving in! The 23-year-old British singer-songwriter is starting his week-long Late Late Show residency on May 15 with the blessing of his longtime pal, James Corden.

So how did he score the gig?

“Well, you’ve got to have known us for a very long time, as we've known young Harold since he was 17 years old,” Corden revealed to ET’s Nischelle Turner.

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Turns out, Corden knows several of the One Direction stars from even before they were famous.

“I knew Louis [Tomlinson] ‘cause his mom was a chaperone on a TV show I'd done, she would look after the young kids on the show,” Corden recalled. “She reached out to me and said, ‘My son is in London, and he doesn’t know anyone can I just give him your number in case something happens?’ and I said, ‘Of course.’ And so they would come over to our house, and we'd have pizza and play Fifa, and my wife would feel like she was babysitting all of us and this was before I got married. Harry was at my wedding, and I love him dearly, I love him absolutely dearly, and I’m so proud.”

Corden went on to praise Styles’ work on the film Dunkirk and his highly anticipated album, and said that he wouldn’t dare give the former boy bander advice in the love department.

“I don’t give him any love advice, are you joking?” he quipped. “It’s a miracle we’re technically the same species. He needs no advice from me. He knows what he’s doing in all facets of his life.”

And Styles’ residency isn’t the only exciting appearance The Late Late Show has coming up. Katy Perry will also be joining Corden in the car for a segment of his popular series Carpool Karaoke.

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“I'm a huge fan of hers both as a person and an artist. She has so many songs which are just made. Who hasn't sung ‘Roar’ at the top of their voice in the car?” Corden said.

As he prepares to shoot the sketch next week, Corden teased some of his favorite Perry hits, saying, “’Roar,’ ‘Firework,’ ‘I Kissed a Girl I Liked It.’”

For more from Corden, watch the clip below!

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