Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Shannon Have a Dance-Off to 'We Are Family' - and It's Just the Best!


Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Shannon clearly like their jobs.

On Wednesday, the Divorce co-stars shared videos on Instagram of them seriously getting down to Sister Sledge's 1979 song, "We Are Family," while on set of their HBO show. While Parker had some issues dancing with her "sticky" shoes, Shannon couldn't get up out of her chair fast enough to do "the robot."

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The actresses slowed things down when they started singing Jeffrey Osborne's 1982 hit, "On the Wings of Love," and even got the crew in on the singalong. "I ❤ working with @sarahjessicaparker," Shannon, 52, gushed on Instagram. "Next time I wanna try to get her to sing something from Annie with me. Like, 'HARD KNOCK LIFE' or 'MAYBE.'"

Ahead of Divorce's series premiere last October, Shannon shared with ET why she signed on to star alongside Parker in the dramedy. "What I love about it, and I told this to Sarah Jessica, is that when the emotional elements are truthful, you can go along with the comedy," she explained. "But I never like when such a wonderful, rich subject matter gets too silly. What I love about the show is how real the emotional stuff is."

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"Molly is so dedicated, so committed to the detail, which is a quality I particularly admire," Parker, 52, also bragged about her co-star to ET. "And she is such wonderful company off-camera as well. She brings a tenderness to the role that I think is so necessary and always a surprise."

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